About Us

We are a small game studio, building a retro-style top-down racing game for desktop platforms.

GeneRally 2 Curious Chicken Games Oy was founded in 2020, but the history behind the idea goes back to 2011. Our founders, James and Markku, took over maintenance and development of the popular freeware top-down arcade racing game, GeneRally, in 2010 - and alongside that, began thinking about building upon its success. What we are working on today - GeneRally 2 (pictured) - is the culmination of those years of experience and dreaming about how we could bring a well-loved game into a new era!

GeneRally 2 is in development by a dedicated team of 5, who are working tirelessly to bring a fun, creative and easy-to-pick-up racing experience to desktop PCs. It is available to buy on Steam as of 30.5.2023.

Our team is passionate about making a high-quality, enjoyable and engaging gameplay experience, combined with best-in-class functionality for users to participate in creating in-game content to share with their friends and the wider game community.

Our Team

Our small and enthusiastic team are working hard to ensure that we deliver something high quality, fun and memorable! Between us we have years of experience across the gaming and software industries.


James has 15 years of experience as a software engineer, for companies of all shapes and sizes.

He's spent his career building reliable, efficient software - and now he's doing the same for video games!


Founder & Director

Markku has recently completed his PhD in physics - but his passion for video game development lies in cracking the code of fun and enjoyable solutions for car physics and AI!



Annika graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Game Development and has worked in the gaming industry for a number of years in marketing, programming and UI implementation!



Topi is a 3D and environment artist with an extensive list of skills and talents to help bring game ideas to life.

Topi has a Bachelor of Culture and Arts degree in 3D art and animation!


3D / Environment Artist

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We're always eager to hear from people who'd like to work with us!

If you'd like to get in touch, please email and we'll get back to you!

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